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Wind and Storm Damage

Strong winds, unexpected severe storms, flooding, and damaging hail can bring unprecedented damage to your property even if you’re insured and think you have prepared before the storm hits. Branford Restorations Services has the experience and staff to help you recover from wind and storm damage.


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Heavy Wind

Strong winds are usually classified by their speed. When wind gusts reach around 40 to 50 mph, they’re classed as gale-force winds.  This is the speed at which they start to become dangerous. Branches can snap off trees and roofing materials can be blown away. Potted plants can be blown around and anything that isn’t secured into the ground will be displaced. Winds above 50 mph are defined as storm-force winds and can uproot entire trees, destroy fencing and cause considerable property damage. Gusts above 73 mph are defined as hurricane-force winds and severity ranges from 1 to 5. Hurricanes cause catastrophic damage that will leave your property battered, but BRS has the expertise and staff to help you restore it.

Heavy Rain and Flooding

Heavy rain is commonly associated with powerful storms. Water damage can come from ocean storm surge, rivers flowing over their banks, clogged storm drains that flood city streets, or it can enter the structure through a wind-damaged roof or weakened exterior building materials. Flooding is one of the most common issues we face after a heavy storm. BRS deals with cases of rainfall-induced flooding on a regular basis, and our team is available 24/7 begin the cleanup and restoration of your home or office.

Contaminated Water


Floodwater isn’t just made up of rainfall. Severe flooding consists of contaminated sources of water such as sewage, harmful chemicals, and debris to create a toxic concoction of black or grey water. Contaminated water requires immediate action due to the health and environmental consequences that can result. Contaminated water could contain hundreds of different types of bacteria and could even be infected with viruses and parasites that pose a great health risk. We strongly advise against prolonged direct exposure to floodwaters whenever possible. BRS can help through our deep cleaning, sanitization and dryout methods.

Hailstorms can be minor or incredibly dangerous depending on where you live. It has a destructive power that is capable of shattering car windows, damaging stucco and destroying roofing materials. Hailstorms can leave unsightly holes all over your property, so call BRS to help you fix it up quickly and efficiently.

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If your house has remained relatively intact after a storm, it doesn’t mean there aren’t underlying issues that need to be fixed. The most common problem you’ll face is a roof leak. Strong winds and rain can blow roof tiles off and expose your building’s structure and water can easily seep through cracks to leak into your property. This can cause serious damage by weakening supports and leaking into your rooms, but it can also cause long-term mold damage that is harmful to your respiratory system. Mold is persistent and lingers around wherever there is water damage, but BRS knows how to identify, diagnose and fix leak-related issues.

Damage Restoration

It’s important to start the restoration process as soon as possible because the longer water is left to soak into building materials, the more damage it will cause. The first thing BRS will do is assess your property to determine if there are any immediate problems that we need to deal with. For example, flooding can cause sewer water to flood the streets and it could be heavily contaminated. Using our pump equipment, we’ll quickly drain the building of water to prevent further damage. We will also go through your contents and pack anything that can still be salvaged or kept safe from further damage. This is a completely transparent process and we’ll take photographs of everything that you want to keep and what you are fine with leaving.


Once we have secured your belongings and drained the floodwater, we’ll begin the restoration process. We’ll start by tarping a damaged roof, and will board up any windows or entry points that are not secure.  Next, we’ll begin drying your walls, furniture, business equipment, and floors through our specialised equipment. Not only do our machines help to dry your property, but they will also remove excessive moisture to prevent mold growth. Structural integrity is perhaps the most important thing to look out for because it could cause widespread damage to the rest of your property. If needed, we will use safe demolition to restore weakened or damaged parts of your property. This includes stripping out waterlogged carpets, drywall and any floor coverings.


Whether it’s a flooding issue, fallen trees, roof damage, or hail damage from severe thunderstorms, BRS will assist and restore the damage dealt to your property.

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