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Sewage Damage Restoration

BRS is certified in handling sewage damage issues. Whether you need advice or urgent attention, BRS is ready and willing to take your call. We offer 24-hour assistance for residential and commercial clients, and will provide quality service you can trust.

What is sewage damage and what causes it?

Sewage damage can occur as a result of many different issues, ranging from toilet overflow and sewer backup to blocked pipes and even localized flooding. Sewage may also result from corroded or worn pipes or a blockage in the main sewer system. If you have problems related to sewage damage, the first thing we do is ascertain the cause.

Immediate action should be taken in the event of sewage damage. In some instances, there is a risk of being exposed to ‘black water.’ Black water is found most commonly when toilets overflow or the sewage system is backed up. Exposure to raw sewage carries serious health risks and urgent help from trained specialists is highly recommended. It is possible for sewage damage to lead to cross-contamination around the home or business premises, and the sooner the situation is remedied, the better. Raw sewage may contain hundreds of different types of bacteria, as well as parasites and viruses, many of which pose a danger to human health. Sewage can also harm pets.

Sewage Damage Restoration

Sewage damage can affect any form of property at any time. Sometimes, people attempt a clean-up operation at home, but we strongly recommend leaving it to the experts at BRS. Restoring sewage damage and removing health hazards is a dangerous job, which should be done properly by experienced professionals.

The aim of sewage damage restoration is to make your home or business safe and usable as quickly as possible.

Removal and Dehumidification

BRS uses the latest equipment to remove sewage water, clean and dry out the area and eliminate any risks associated with biohazards or dangerous materials or waste. The aim is to return contaminated items, areas and equipment to an ‘as-new’ condition and enable you to enjoy your home again. Once the area has been cleaned thoroughly and made safe and any waste has been removed, BRS provides dehumidification services. This is an important phase of the recovery process, as it prevents moisture from lingering, reducing health risks. Sometimes, it’s easy to see areas of water or sewage damage, but our equipment targets patches that aren’t visible to the eye, including wall and ceiling cavities.

Contents Pack-Out / Pack-Back

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re confronted with sewage damage is moving everything out of your home and then putting it back once the cleanup operation is complete. BRS offers contents pack-out and pack-back services. We will take care of removing the contents and then place them back in your home or business premises once the restorative processes have been completed. The contents will be removed and returned safely to prevent damage.

Complete Sanitization

Toilet overflow and sewer backup are among the most hazardous causes of sewage damage. Exposure to black water can harm human health and sanitization is an essential part of the restoration process. Black water may put you at risk for bacterial and viral infections and illnesses caused by parasites. BRS takes care of the entire cleaning, disinfection and sanitization process. Your health and safety are our priority. Sewage damage can affect everyone, but those with underlying illnesses, children, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. It is not always possible to save every item following sewage damage, but anything that can be salvaged will be treated using rigorous sterilization and disinfection practices.

Repair and Reconstruction

If your home or business has been affected by sewer damage, BRS also offers repair and reconstruction services, as well as sewage cleanup, removal, dehumidification and sanitization. The end goal is to return the premises to its former state and enable you to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Sewage damage can take its toll on a property, but even more importantly, it can pose serious health risks. In the event of a residential or commercial property being exposed to sewage damage, immediate action should be taken. The removal of sewage and the subsequent sanitization processes should be handled by specialists. A certified company, BRS has extensive experience in dealing with sewage damage issues swiftly and professionally. We will provide quality service you can trust.

1818 Potrero Ave.,
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