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Fire Damage Restoration Services

Quality Service You Can Trust. Fire can strike at any time. From small house fires to warehouse infernos, the effects can be devastating. Damage caused by smoke and soot accumulation can render any building uninhabitable. Our restoration response team can help you recover from the extensive damage that fires can cause and get any building back up to your standards. We use an approach that doesn’t just take into account the safety and usability of a building. We move to stop ongoing damage and restore the property to pre-fire conditions.

Fire Damage Analysis

The danger of a fire damaged building isn’t gone once the firefighters leave. Fire damage doesn’t just destroy, but it can also severely weaken the structural integrity of anything from a single pillar to the roof and floor of the building. What the fire hasn’t damaged, the soot and smoke - also referred to as combustion byproduct, or CBP - might have reached. This kind of damage isn’t just unsightly, it is dangerous to your health. Soot and smoke will start discoloring and soaking into porous materials immediately. Some damage might be permanent, but if you use restoration services quickly, many items can be cleaned and restored.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

The first step when undertaking a building that has suffered fire damage is to clean up the debris and dust as safely and quickly as possible. Soot and smoke are removed, rubble is put aside, and contaminated air is filtered out, thus reducing the risk of ongoing damage. We also tackle the toxic odors left behind, not just neutralizing them as a threat, but using encapsulating techniques  to make the air fresh and pleasant to breathe again. Trying to renovate a fire damaged building without the proper odor removal can make it dangerous to inhabit.

What Happens To Your Possessions

During the process of cleaning the building, we board-up to secure the property and begin the process of contents pack out/pack back. With your authorization, we will ensure that all contents are safely removed, providing you with a contents inventory. If there’s something you need back immediately or items you want to get retrieved but excluded from the pack-out process, you can identify them in advance. From there, it’s about assessing the damage. Exposure to fire, smoke, and soot can irreversibly ruin some items. BRS will go determine what is possible to restore and what is more likely in need of replacement, keeping you involved in every decision. The whole process is kept entirely transparent with photos of the identified items to show the extent of damage before items are removed.

Restoring The Building

If the building has taken heavy fire damage, then the process of restoring it might be more extensive. Often, in cases of severe damage, some level of demolition is necessary. BRS will keep the demolition as safe and as contained to the affected area as possible. After that, we will move ahead with the repair and reconstruction process.

During our work onsite, including the clean-up and pack-out, we will be conducting assessments across the entire home, office or industrial building. This helps us develop an understanding of where simple smoke and soot damage cleanup is appropriate, or where we need to begin a more serious reconstruction strategy. Damage assessments and estimates are provided alongside photographs so you understand what work is necessary. If the roof has suffered damage, this might also include a temporary roof repair so that the interior is kept covered and insulated from any environmental damage. From there, we can begin rebuilding the structure and restoring it.

Fire damage can lead to further water damage due to burst pipes and potential mold damage as a consequence. If any further damage is discovered, you will be informed and be given the option to restore these, as well.

Quality Service You Can Trust

BRS is a team of experts in restoring buildings damaged by fire, water, mold, to name a few. We can promise and provide quality service through our team and our network of expert sub-contractors where more specialized knowledge is needed. If your home is damaged by fire, urgency is key. Ongoing damage will increase your costs if you don’t immediately use the right service to remove your valuable items, clear up the damage, and begin the restoration process.

1818 Potrero Ave.,
South El Monte, CA 91733